Graphic Design Service

A logo is a 'Visual Representation' of your company or business that provides brand awareness, instant recognition, and uniquely identifies you from your competitors. Often people tend to remember logos better than they do names.

What makes a good logo design?

A good logo design should be distinctive, memorable, and clear. Ideally it should be simple and unique without being overdrawn or contain too many elements. Simple logos tend to be more easily recognised and memorable, and also the most effective.

The subject matter or content of a logo does not always need to play a significant role. The relationship between a symbol and what it symbolizes is often very difficult to achieve. The most important aspect in designing a logo is that it has potential for brand awareness, which means it should be distinctive and memorable so even at a quick glance it can be easily distinguished and associated with your business or company.

Consistency in logo design helps customers connect your logo with your business and products. Coordinating your logo design with your web site, business cards, stationary, and marketing materials enhances customer awareness, which in turn helps to create and promote brand awareness for your business or company.

Standard Cost:

$199 +GST

What's Provided:

  • 1 initial concept design ($60 for each additional concept design).
  • *2 revision changes to the provided or chosen concept design ($25 for each additional revision).
  • JPEG or PNG format sized for your website.
  • High resolution JPEG suitable for usage in the design and printing of stationery, business cards, letterheads, brochures, etc.

About Revisions:

*A revision consists of doing minor changes or tweaks to an initially presented design concept, and is typically modifications of less than 25% of the intitial design. A entirely new design concept is not considered a revision.

Our standard logo design service includes a JPEG or PNG version sized special for your web site. We also provide a larger higher resolution JPEG version suitable for your art department or print shop to utlize in the design and printing of small stationery jobs, such as business cards or letterheads, etc.

If you also want to use your logo for much larger purposes such as signage, this requires creating the logo in a special vector format. Vector images are geometric based which can be enlarged and rendered smoothly at any desired size with minimal loss to detail. Raster images such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc, are pixel based and meant more for computer or web viewing and can't be enlarged very much without the image becoming blurry or having rough jagged edges.

If required we can create a vector package for an additional cost of $60 which includes a vector PDF version and a vector EPS file that you can supply to your sign or print shop who will be producing your signage or printed goods, which will save you time and money. Having a logo converted from a JPEG to a Vector format by a sign or print shop can be expensive, usually between $100 - $200.

Just a few logos we have designed for clients: