Content Management System

We can create & add a content management system to most any existing standard HTML based site.

The main purpose of a (CMS) content management system is to manage a site's content, and is best suited for a site that requires frequent textual updates.

If you just have a small site and want to be able to edit and/or update some basic specified text on your site, using a complex and bloated CMS system such as WordPress or Joomla can be overkill.

Some disadvantages of using complex CMS systems:

  • Typically not very user-friendly with a steep learning curve.
  • Easy to make mistakes that could potentially break your site.
  • Expensive to setup and maintain.
  • Site design must be created encompassing their complex template system.
  • Uses more server resources resulting in slower loading pages.
  • More prone to vulnerabilities that can be exploited by potential hackers.

Although our CMS system may not be as feature rich and is limited to basic editing of pre-determined textual content, it's one of the easiest to maintain and use with a minimal learning curve. Our CMS system is usually more than adequate enough for smaller websites that only require some occasional and basic textual updates.

Since our CMS system is primarily independent of your website, you're not stuck with a website and template design that's reliant or sustained by the CMS system.

Features & Options:

  • Capable of editing most textual content on your site (pre-determined configured during setup).
  • Add and manage a news blog.