We can create & add a content management system to most any existing standard HTML based site.

What is a content managment system?

The main purpose of a (CMS) content management system is to manage content, and is best suited for a site that requires frequent textual updates and ideally allows for easy editing and updating without the user being required to have HTML coding knowledge.

If you just want to be able to edit and/or update some basic specified text on your site, there's no need to use complex and bloated CMS systems such as WordPress which requires that you design and build your site encompassing their template system, which can become a problem should you ever decide that you no longer need or want a CMS or WordPress site, you would need to have your site re-built again from scratch. Many CMS systems often have a strong learning curve and can also be expensive to install, setup and maintain.

Since our CMS system is independent of your website, you're not stuck with a website and it's template that's reliant or sustained by the CMS. Our CMS is also one of the easiest to use with a minimal learning curve.

Available Features & Options:
  • Edit any textual content of your site (pre-determined by you prior to setup).
  • Create & manage photo galleries.
  • Add and manage a news blog.